Collection: Mousepads

Product Description: Mouse Pad with High-Quality Lycra Cloth Surface

Looking for the perfect mouse pad? Look no further! Our mouse pad measures 9.5"x7.9"x0.12" Inch (240mm x 200mm x 3mm), and is designed to adapt to all surfaces with its 3mm thickened design.

Our ultra-smooth Lycra cloth surface ensures that your mouse can be quickly moved and accurately positioned on the slick surface. This mouse pad is excellent for all types of mouse.

The non-slip, environmental protection, soft and comfortable rubber base will firmly grip the desktop, preventing unwanted movement.

Cleaning our mouse pad is a breeze! The washable design allows you to clean it under running water or with a simple wipe down. The color-locking effect is great, and it maintains its performance and appearance even after multiple cleanings.

Our mouse pad is well-made and comes in pretty patterns and bright colors, making it a vibrant addition to any workspace. It's also a great gift idea for friends and family!