Services & Pricing

Commissions:  Send us your favorite photo of your landscape or seascape and we’ll create an oil painting on canvas in Christi Dreese’s style.

Custom sizes available.  Call or email for a price.

Art Consulting:  This includes coming to your home/ office to take photos and measurements of your wall space.  Hanging artwork. ( I am not capable of hanging extremely heavy or large pieces of artwork).  Feel free to call me with the specifics of your pieces.
$55/ hr from the time I leave my studio and arrive back.

Artwork Rental:  Lease artwork for 5% of the retail value.  Contracts are for 3 month time periods.  After 3 months, you can lease a new painting, buyout the original or terminate the contract.  This is a great service if you enjoy giving your home/ office a fresh look or would like to tryout the new painting before making the final purchase.

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