“Help! There’s a Dragon in My Head”, Authors Stephen Nauta & Jan Esh, Illustrator Christi Dreese.

“Help! There’s a Dragon in my Head” Paperback: 56 pages Publisher: Splattered Ink Press (2014) Language: English Living with anxiety is like having a monster in your head who pretends to be your friend, while plotting to drain the joy from your life. Help, There Is A Dragon In My Head is the story of a young girl’s struggle to overcome the imaginary dragon that is thwarting her pursuit of happiness. People of all ages will benefit from reading this young dragon slayer’s tale of her courageous fight to overcome the fear that threatened to imprison her within the walls of her own mind. Authors Stephen Nauta and Jan Esh Illustrator Christi Dreese Shipping included in the price.


My Dragon Breathes Fire Book, Authors Stephen Nauta & Jan Esh, Illustrator Christi Dreese

"My Dragon Breathes Fire" Paperback: 55 pages Publisher: SPLATTERED INK PRESS; 1st edition (2016) Language: English When people, regardless of age, become anxious, they withdraw from the situation or become aggressive in an attempt to defend themselves. The young boy in My Dragon Breathes Fire chooses to react to his fears--a fire breathing dragon--through aggression toward those he both fears and loves. However, his behavior isn't helping as he finds himself in the principal's office on a regular basis. With the help of a therapist, the boy learns that his actions are driven by anxiety. Once he has this understanding, he is able to find new ways to address his anger and heal the relationships he has broken. My Dragon Breathes Fire is full of hope for people of all ages who find themselves hurting the ones they love. Authors Stephen Nauta and Jan Esh. Illustrator Christi Dreese Shipping is included in the price.




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