The next book is ready to be illustrated!  “My Dragon Breathes Fire”.   Stop back this summer.  I’ll be posting the process for the book as a sneak peak!


Stephen Nauta book, “Sitting at the Wrong Dinner Table.”   $18
Purchase the book online here.  You may also purchase at Dreese Fine Art & Framing.

Cover art by Christi M. Dreese.




Stephen Nauta book, “There’s a Monster in my Head” is NOW AVAILABLE!!!

This is a children’s book for people of all ages, co-authored by Stephen Nauta and Jan Esh which teaches the reader how to handle anxiety using the Cognitive Behavioral approach.

Purchase the book here.

Illustrations for the book, 2014.

Cover for the book.
A few of the full page illustrations.

girl blowing girl in school girl plugging ears
ou may purchase the book at Dreese Fine Art & Framing or order online.


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