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Christi Dreese was born in Michigan and has been involved in the arts since she was a child. She spent summers as a girl on her father’s boat coasting along Lake Michigan. It was there that she grew to love the calm waters, sunsets, and relaxed atmosphere. She studied at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan where she acquired her Bachelor of Art degree and business administration major. After college, Christi worked for Frames Unlimited in Grand Rapids, where she learned the custom framing industry. These events have lead Christi to owning a fine art gallery and custom framing business in Spring Lake, Michigan. Christi paints from her heart. She loves being near the water and therefore paints many West Michigan lakeshore scenes. “The water gives me a sense of peace as I sit in my chair gazing across the lake.” Several sketches are created in graphite and then taken back to the studio for her interpretation. Along with Christi’s passion for painting the lakeshore, she has also found abstract to be a great emotional release and different creative process from her impressionistic landscapes. Many of her abstract pieces are developed from current color trends, yet every piece has a personal meaning. Christi’s love for the arts, lakeshore and personal growth continues to inspire her to create new works and have meaning in life.

How do I know when a painting is finished?

Rosy’s Outlook: Lake Michigan Dunes in Health Pointes Private Collection. How do I know when a painting is finished? I go with my gut.  I step back one or two final times to see what minor tweaks need to be made before I sign my name and put my brush

Sea and Sand Series: Where I Regain My Sanity

I’m working on a new large series called Sea and Sand. A mix of greys,tans, and blues painterly move across the canvas with loose oil stick lines drawn on top and tons of texture from a secret painting underneath. A few hidden messages of my thoughts scribbled in the mix

McKenzies Birthday Paint Party

Saturday afternoons birthday paint party! These girls were hilarious to listen to! Love the unicorns!

Friday’s art therapy for Mercy Health doctors.

Lots of laughs from this internal medicine group from Mercy Health Friday afternoon. A great form of therapy for relieving stress. Bloody skies were the common theme for their work. 🙂 Thank you for the great humor you brought to the event. Laughing is great for the soul!

Health Pointe Medical Facility in Grand Haven

Here’s a look at the Health Pointe Medical Facility in Grand Haven, Michigan where a good number of my prints and paintings are now hanging.  It was great to see many of these paintings blown up to a larger scale than the original and to also view them  printed on

2018: “Lakeshore Views” NEW 24″ x 48″ oil painting on canvas.

Preparing to deliver to the galleries by the end of April/ early May for upcoming summer season.  This oil is inspired by the view of Lake Michigan from the top of a dune. A few up close photos of the painting to see the brush strokes.  Feel free to contact

NEW Sea & Sand Abstract Series

New series started titled “Sea & Sand”.   Cool beige, grey, white, and several blue tones cover the canvas.      I’ve added texture to these new paintings created from handmade stamps  using blocks of wood, board, hot glue dots and string. Here’s a  few up close pictures of the

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