NEW May/ June Art Classes for Children

Children Art Classes – Ages 7 & up

Lichenstein Pop Art – Monday, May 18  9:30 – 11

Students will learn about Roy Lichenstein, his techniques and use acrylic paint and markers to create their own Lichenstein Pop Art painting.
Cost  $28

Batik with Crayon & Watercolors – Saturday, May 23  1 – 2:30
                                                              Tuesday, May 26   9:30 – 11
Children will learn the process of batik by creating their own design using crayons and watercolors on paper.
Cost: $28

Acylic Painting-  Tuesday, June 2   9:30 – 11
Create these fun fish with acrylic paints on canvas board.  Christi will walk the kids through the stages to create their own fish design.
Cost  $28

Mixed Media and Collage – Tuesday, June 9   9:30 – 11
Collage, Acrylics and Sharpies will be used to create a mixed media painting on paper.
Cost: $28

Children Art Classes  7 – 12 .   Click here to print the flyer and view the projects..

Fish paintings by Gemma Amero Flavin  A great thing about this project is it is JUST  acrylic paint  black Sharpies (love me some Sharpies)  and  scrap booking paper  (Oh, and prepared canvases, Modge Podge and a Cricut machine)  I think the last 3 items add a little cost - don't you wish schools had Cricuts?  Ellison Machines just aren't the same but could do in a pinch. Pop Art
Register online, call 616-402-4868, or email

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