What’s in the process….

Do you want to know what is in the process of my paintings?  I was inspired this Sunday afternoon to add an over sized floral painting to the collection of already completed work.  This painting measures 48″ x 37″ and is done with acrylic paints, graphite and watercolor paper.


I purchased a roll of the Canson watercolor paper that comes in 48″.  DSC_0893
I then started to sketch out my design. DSC_0895

The first step to painting is blocking in the color.  This is the first color of blue for the background.  I often quickly scribble a message in the background.  Using the end of my brush, I can gouge into the paint as long as the painting is still wet.

Next I added the red in the middle of the pedals. DSC_0901
Layering in the yellow to fill in the remaining white paper with the exception to the center of the daisy.  I continue to gouge lines in the pedals as long as the paint remains wet.  Acrylic paint dry’s quickly and I usually on ly have a minute or two.
My sister’s puppy Marley has decided to keep me company under the table!

I then blocked in the center with black paint and used quick brush strokes around the pedals to create some contrast and dimension. DSC_0911
Crisscross brush strokes were used to paint the center of the daisy.

The painting is taking shape.  I decide to lighten up the background and add a thinner, lighter blue coat of acrylic paint.

One of my secrets to blending is using the palm of my hand.  It’s a huge brush and I can easily control the blending process.  It goes much quicker too!

Messy but fun!

I continue to add bright pink, light pink, and a lighter yellow to give the flower some vibrance and dimension.

The process continues….

A closeup of the painterly details.

Once I feel the painting is 75% done, I start adding the graphite loosely into the art.  6B, 8B, and 10B was used.  The higher the number with the letter B, the softer the graphite.

I quickly swish some white and light grey paint on the outside edges of the pedals with a narrow round brush.

Lastly, I use the 10B to add the darkest graphite lines to pop the image.

The painting is complete when I sign my name!

Completed painting.  2014.   Copywrited by the artist Christi M. Dreese.

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