Color Trends

MARCH 2011

By Linda Omelianchuk, Product Design Manager

We are choosing brighter, clearer colors that are uplifting to give us a sense of optimism in the midst of difficult economic recovery and environmental disasters happening today. Warm tones of red, orange and honey, along with tetra blue-green and lime green create a feeling of enthusiasm and cheer.


People are enjoying more frequent, mini vacations away from the daily pressures of life in easily accessible, peaceful environments. From sitting in a special room in the house, to relaxing in a spa, to walking in the woods, or tending a garden, the neutral palette of soft whites, shades of grey, muted purples and warm browns give us a sense of harmony and well being.


Consumers value authentic products that are promoted sincerely with an honest story. We find real value in natural, organic and sustainable materials, and colors with longevity. Hues that are grounded in nature, colors that are faded, patinated and weathered, add warmth and a sense of history that give us comfort. There is also a renewal on handcraftsmanship in natural materials as an authentic way to create beautiful furniture, decorative accessories, clothing and crafts.

Advances in technology are creating exciting new special effects in textures, reflections of light, and layering and mixtures of colors on many different materials. Sophisticated, luxurious finishes appeal to consumers becasue we are spending less and discriminating more to purchase products that are unique and special. Metallics continue to be used in home decor, espciecially the warm tones of golds, bronzes and coppers.

MAY 2010
By Sherran Arthur, Marketing Manager Canada 
The biggest “what’s new” story in color today is the re-emergence of Neutrals.

Color Palette #1
Strong, saturated color has been very popular in both home decor and fashion over the past few years and continues to be so. 

Color Palette #2
Now a brand new set of Neutrals is emerging, creating an important juxtaposition of fresh, optimistic colors and chameleon-like neutrals.These new ‘chameleon’ neutrals are actually infused with color, making them both complex and versatile. They can change in appearance, depending on what they are paired with.

Both color palettes work well together. Neutrals represent the blank canvas you can add hits of color to, creating a new and fresh look for home decor.

  New York Spaces Jan/Feb 2010         Traditional Home March 2010

Here are more important color trends for 2010 and beyond.


Gray with a touch of purple, this neutral is inspired from mineral, concrete and steel.

Truly chameleon, this neutral can transition between warm and cool, pale and gold, a perfect complement to darker hues.


Bright, clean and strong with a pink intuition. Great with neutrals.

Rich and sophisticated, optimistic with a touch of gray.

Slightly greener and more natural, with a soft a touch of gray.

Optimistic and uplifting, a clear and bright accent green with a shift toward blue.

A saturated peacock blue also influenced by gray.Rich and moody.

Purple infused with gray and brown giving more complexity with added elegance and sophistication.

Courtesy of Larson-Juhl.


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