Artist Christi Dreese-Carter will be showcasing her painting at the Cathedral Square for Artprize 2010!

Artist Christi Dreese-Carter just recently signed a contract to place her abstract painting “Dream as if you will live forever, live as if you will die today” at the Diocese of Grand Rapids – Cathedral Square.  A beautiful building and grounds that will have a great line up of artists.  Many of the artists are either Aquinas College professors and alumni with a spectacular range of works from 2D paintings to large sculptures to be shown inside on the 2nd floor and also on the grounds of Cathedral Square. 

Cathedral Square is going to be one of the  registration and exhibiting centers for artprize.  They will also have a shuttle bus running to and from the exhibit. 

Anchored by the 125 year old Cathedral of Saint Andrew, Cathedral Square is an 11.5 acre park-like area in the Heartside District of downtown Grand Rapids. Located on the corner of Wealthy Street and Division Ave. South, Cathedral Square includes the cathedral, Cathedral Square Center/Wege Conference Center, Catholic Central High School, Keeler Plaza, Piazza Secchia and Wege Gardens.

Reminiscent of a European square where people gather for religious and community celebrations, Cathedral Square features Piazza Secchia which is modeled after Michelangelo’s Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome. The square’s gardens are beautifully landscaped and welcome guests to meander on the pedestrian-friendly, winding walk ways.

The Cathedral Square Center offers spacious interior exhibition space.

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